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Advent Musings (1)

“Life in a prison cell may well be compared to Advent; one waits, hopes, and does this, that, or the other- things that are of no real consequence- the door is shut, and can be opened only from the outside." Dietrich Bonhoeffer ,Letters from Prison - November 21, 1943

So much waiting in Advent... so much peering into the darkness waiting for the Light to come. This world we are living in can’t stand too much reality so to cheer us up in the waiting gives us chocolates to eat so we may pass the time carelessly.

But waiting and watching for the Lord to come is precisely what this season is about. And as such we followers of Christ are being truly subversive. We are ‘away’ from the flurry and fuss of so many, and we are ‘with the Lord’ looking to him to fulfil his word. More than those who watch for the morning we long for you, O Lord. We wait on his intervention. We look to his surprising us. We have dwelt too long in the shadows. We want to see the Dawn rise and Christ come.

And because he came the first time, “a tiny wee thing/ that made a woman cry” (George MacDonald) - we KNOW he’s coming again.

It won’t be long before the cell door opens..

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