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Being Pentecostal nicely...

How we have domesticated this mighty experience!

Think about it - a wind blowing like a tornado within the confines of a room followed by flames of fire resting on each - and those receiving erupting in praise of the mighty deeds of God. Those early disciples had great expectancy of being clothed with power - after all that’s what Jesus promised. Then these early disciples had a great encounter - the Spirit clothes himself with these hungry men and women. And with great excitement they learned to speak well of Jesus the Christ and even to do his works. It was not uncommon that amazement and astonishment greeted their efforts as the lost came home, and the sick were healed, and demons were thrown out.

And us? Well we prefer the Holy Spirit not to disturb us; we want power without being changed; we drink tepid cups of tea after church and imagine that’s what fellowship is.

We’d like Pentecost, in other words, but only nicely - nothing too exciting, nothing too dramatic, and please don’t frighten the horses!

And so no wonder the church is anaemic and doesn’t turn the world upside down ( as our early ancestors did).

Lord send the fire for Christ’s sake!

We need another Pentecost.

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