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Blessing Bodmin

Instead of a written sermon of David’s this month we are posting a blessing he wrote for Bodmin after our move here. It continues to be used. We would encourage you to use this for your own location, swapping the words in bold for your home area.

Blessing Bodmin

“Heavenly Father, we take the authority you have given us in Jesus’ name and we gladly speak blessing over Bodmin.

Bodmin, we bless you in the name of the Lord. In Jesus’ name, we bless every network of wholesome and supportive friendship. May well-being and peace walk the streets; may life, love and laughter overflow your homes; and may holy angels dwell here.

Bodmin, we bless your marriages that they may be strong, life-giving and whole. We bless the relationship between each marriage partner that it may be loving, forgiving, tender and merciful. We bless very intergenerational relationship within each household that there may be peace and love and understanding flowing between them.

Bodmin, we bless the work of your hands that whatever you turn your hand to will be for the common good, building up the community at large. We bless every wholesome enterprise.

We bless Bodmin in Jesus’ name that its health may improve, that it be well. In Jesus’ name we resist any sickness which seeks to invade this town and we bless each person in the town: be made whole! To any who are sick now, we bless you for a speedy recovery. And we bless all the caring personnel of the town: may you know the wisdom and the love and the guidance of the Holy Trinity in all you do to support and heal this community.

We bless the local schools that they may be safe, secure places for teachers and pupils alike. We bless the children’s capacity to learn and develop relationships and we bless their simple trust in Jesus. May they grow in favour before God and others at every stage of their development.

We speak blessing over the churches of Bodmin. We bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity: may the Holy Spirit come on you in reviving power; may the Word of God live and have full reign in your lives. We bless you with the Father’s compassion for the lost and the least and the last. We bless the hearts of all those who live in Bodmin that they may soon turn to their Saviour, recognising more readily his voice calling them home. May you grow from grace to grace and strength to strength.

We bless all who live and work here in Bodmin: may all the blessings of God’s kingdom (his right to rule over sin, sickness, demons, death, disaster and disunity) fall on you. May all the virtues of the living Christ - his fruit and gifts - find a home in you. Amen and Amen.”

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