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The Morning comes (Isaiah 21:12)

Being awake at night can be fantastic if you are under a sky full of scattered stars; it can be beastly if you are clock watching the hours slip by ever so slowly as sleep evades you. Then there are those who work at night - the medics, the emergency services, parents seeing to their children, those who work late in our supermarkets for whom the night is a vital part of their lives.

So when we read “the morning comes” it means all kinds of things: the end of wonder; relief; well earned rest. For the Christian there is a special joy in the thought that “the morning comes.”

In fact there is a seven fold aspect

to this morning.

1. It is the morning of our Lord’s return and we shall see him as he is and become like him.

2. It is the morning of the church’s marriage - united with our heavenly Bridegroom for ever.

3. It is the morning of the saints’ resurrection- up from the grave and away!

4. It is the morning of reunion with loved ones - what a joyous meeting that will be!

5. It is the morning of final deliverance from sin, shame, sickness and all evil.

6. It is the morning of reward for service - no little thing done in Jesus’ name forgotten.

7. It is the morning of all our longings after Beauty and Truth and Goodness being fulfilled.

The morning comes - hallelujah!

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