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Growing up I fancy I remember hearing many more people whistling than I do today. I am not talking of the degrading wolf-whistle - but the cheerful (mostly) production of a musical tune through air being pushed through the lips. I remember hearing people whistling as they walked down the street- (today they have iphones plugged in their ears). I remember folk whistling as they came to the front door of my parents’ home - postmen, milkmen, coalmen, and even the man who delivered Corona ‘pop’. True, I can’t remember hearing a woman whistle - I wonder why?

Anyway, it was one of the things I grew up wanting to do. And I have to say, I love doing it still. I imagine I am not that sophisticated in my execution, but it feels like a grace, a simple pleasure from the Lord who delights in giving. And I thank God that I can whistle.

Stupid? Inane? Time to put away childish things? Definitely not - for the Lord himself likes a whistle, as you can read in Isaiah 5:26.

I hope the reason we are not whistling is that we are more depressed, or self conscious. Perhaps some folk regard it as vulgar…

I remember whistling in Chorleywood High Street and I was stopped by a widow who thanked me and said her husband used to whistle around the house and she missed hearing him. I was even able to speak of the Lord to her - just because I whistled.

God blesses us ( makes us happy) with all kinds of things - countless gifts of grace poured out on us just because we are made in his image. To be able to whistle is one such gift in my book at least!

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