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Why goodness, truth and beauty?

In this ‘post-whatever-we-are-age’ it is difficult to share the great good news of Christ without being met by incomprehension. Sin hardens all our hearts. And affects our minds too so that we are happily  in the dark - an ignorance that will shut us off from God ultimately if nothing is done to counter it.

We can say such and such is wrong according to the measure of what is good and true (which is God’s word), and we are met with the assertion, ‘well that’s your definition - your truth - I see things differently.’ Philosophically most today are self-definers, self-creators of meaning and purpose. ( This follows Sartre’s elevation of existence above essence.) Sin is conceived in ecological terms. Morality is not about avoiding hell, but avoiding the destruction of ‘Mother Earth’. We kill the unborn child but save the whale. 

So it is hard to present the gospel in traditional terms of goodness and truth ( though they are foundational and exist in their own right).

Might there be a way into the heart of the C21st person through beauty? Beauty moves us and sneaks in under our moral radar. Whether it’s the crashing waves of the sea, or the giggle of a baby, or the music of Bach, or the paintings of Chagall, or a stained glass window, or the sacrificial love of another human being - all these touch us at a level deeper than words. Is it possible then that if we were to see Christ in ALL his beauty we might be able to unravel the popular resistance to his gracious call?

Seriously I don’t know... And I think there are other ways to bring the lost home (see 1 Thessalonians 1 for example)... but let’s see. This is why I have called this website Offering The Light - that Light which in and of himself is full of Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

I hope you find joy in the reading of it. Most of all I want you to get know God.

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